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Aloha and Welcome!

     This Web site was created for anyone interested in taking a virtual field trip of a Hawaiian fishpond. To increase interactivity and enhance your field trip experience, please visit the downloads page and make sure that your computer has all the necessary players to view files that will be displayed within this site. If you are a student, please tell your parents about the field trip that you are about to take.

     To navigate through your field trip, simply roll your mouse over the headings located above and click on the desired heading. Another option would be to click on the arrow icons located on the bottom right corner of each page. To visit the main Ke Ola 'Ōiwi Web site, click on the animated fish icon. Along the way, you may also find it a lot of fun to click on the pictures and icons within this site. Now that you are familiar with the navigation of this Web site, let's get started!

     The ancient fishponds of Hawai'i were one of the most significant and successful aquacultural achievements in history. They were a major source of protein and played an important role in the He'eia Fishpond from shorespiritual and cultural lives of the Hawaiian people. Presently, many Hawaiian seashore fishponds have disappeared or are being threatened. By learning about fishponds, we will be able to gain insight on how fishponds were used by the early Hawaiians and how we could best protect them now.

     Today we will visit He'eia Fishpond, situated on the shoreline of Kāne'ohe Bay on the east side (windward) of O'ahu. He'eia Fishpond is located on the mokupuni (island) of O'ahu, in the moku (district) of Ko'olaupoko, and in the ahupua'a (land division) of He'eia. To learn more about the moku and ahupua'a of He'eia, Moku o Lo`e: A History of Coconut Island book is available from Bishop Museum Press.

     As you learn about He'eia Fishpond, you will hear from some very special guests. They are Mahina Paishon (He'eia Fishpond Program Coordinator), Hi'ilei Kawelo (Project Manager), and Ānuenue Punua (Project Manager), Kalā Hoe, Kawai Hoe, Līhau Hannahs, and Keli'i Kotubetey, and Kānekoa Shultz-Kukea. When you see a video icon, click on it to view a short clip from one of our guests.

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