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He'eia Fishpond
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Overview of He'eia Fishpond

Aerial of He'eia Fishpond

    He'eia Fishpond is a seashore pond (loko kuapa). Loko kuapa were fishponds made by building a wall of stone on a reef that would result in the enclosure of a water body (Henry, 1993). The length of He'eia fishpond wall is about 5,000 feet, one of the longest walls of any fishpond on O'ahu. The wall also encircles the entire 88 acres of the pond, which is unusual. Over the years, the completely walled pond became elevated above the general level of its surroundings. As a result, it was necessary to mend all breaks in the wall and seal all leaks as they occurred, so that the proper water level could be maintained inside the pond. If not, the water would drain out (Kelly, 1975).

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